Private classes

Private classes

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Private classes

From $USD 95

Focus on your personal needs and learn at your own pace.

If you prefer learning by yourself to focus on your personal needs and learn at your own pace then private classes are perfect for you. You decide the topics you’ll cover within the amount of hours you choose to take, depending on your expectations and learning style. The teacher will notice quickly where your strengths and weaknesses are and suggest some topics you still need to work on. You can choose if you want to focus more on grammar, or if you need specific vocabulary, and what kind of approach you like. If you love learning outside then you can leave the classroom anytime you want with your teacher and learn in a very practical way. If you prefer writing everything down in the classroom, or if you want more homework so that you can make more progress for your next class, the teacher can adapt the courses for you because everybody is different and learns in a different way.


Depending on your other plans and tours in Cusco we can make up a class schedule together. Normally private classes are in the afternoons because we have group classes in the mornings. You can choose the intensity of your classes as well, so we have packages for regular classes of 10 hours, or more intensive of 15 hours or you can choose the full power class and go for 20 hours!


Regular: 10 hours / week
Price: 95 USD


Intensive: 15 hours / week
Price: 142 USD


Power: 20 hours / week
Price: 185 USD


These prices include all class materials and the extra services we offer like activities during the classes or in the evenings, tea and coffee at the school and Wi-Fi. We don’t charge any inscription fee.


Special: 1 Day Class!
Are you backpacking and you don’t have a lot of time in Cusco but you still want to improve your Spanish? Visit us for a one-day course where you’ll learn the most useful phrases and vocabulary to continue your travels communicating easier with locals!


If you already have some Spanish knowledge and you want to cover a specific topic in little time, this might also be a good option for you, as the class will be completely adapted to your wishes and needs.


Schedule: 4 hours from 2 to 6 pm
Price: 40 USD

Course Durations: Choose your best option

Course Reviews


    Very nice classes with enthusiastic teachers that both had an own way of teaching. Good price-quality ratio, good lesson material in with you can study more at home.

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We are located in the historical city center of Cusco: Calle Nueva Baja 450
Cusco – Peru

Phone / Whatsapp: +51 986 829 508
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