Who are we?

My name is Libia, I’m from Cusco, and I started this school in 2015. Before that, I was working as a Spanish teacher for 14 years in other schools in Cusco, and this experience gave me the idea to start a school with a more personal and warm approach. Many students travel by themselves and I really wanted them to feel that they can have a family here as well. As a person I am very open, caring and positive so I wanted to create this type of feeling and environment in my own Spanish school.

I admire these travelers from all over the world who just come here in a new culture without knowing anything or anyone. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to be treated like a stranger, I’d want to feel welcomed and at home, and that’s what I want to create for my students. I want you to learn at your own pace, without pressure like in traditional schools, in a fun and relaxing environment. In order to make more progress, you need to feel the confidence and the optimism in a place where you’re not judged by teachers, but supported by locals.

At Latina Spanish school we teach Spanish through a lot of activities and games where you also learn about our culture and customs. You will start communicating with locals already from your first class, so that you never feel embarrassed or ‘not good enough yet’ to start conversations, and quickly you’ll improve your speaking skills in very practical situations.

My goal as a director and teacher at Latina Spanish School is to make you feel comfortable and self-assured using the Spanish language. We’re a family where students have the opportunity to grow and improve their knowledge in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter if you join us for a few days, a week, for months, from time to time combined with traveling around, or if I just see you on my computer screen during Skype lessons, I’m looking forward to welcoming you at Latina and helping you in everything I can with my wonderful team of motivated teachers!


Why choose Latina?

Let’s be honest, there are many Spanish schools in Cusco and you’re comparing their websites at this very moment, and you should! Make your comparison and look for the school that fits best with you as a person and as a Spanish student.
Here’s why you should hit the contact button and learn with Latina:

1. Small place, personal attention, comfortable prices
And that’s how we like to keep it. It’s important for us to not grow too much as a school. It’s a weird thing to say, but this way we want to keep giving the personal attention we’re giving now and have the opportunity to help our students with anything.

3. Enter a group of friends with locals and travelers
At Latina you will never feel alone, because we’re a small school with personal attention and we organize a lot of activities almost every evening for you to get to know other students.

5. Located in the heart of Cusco, very close to the San Francisco Square
It’s only three blocks from the main square (Plaza de Armas) and three blocks from the busy Avenida el Sol where you find the Temple of the Sun (Qorikancha). Also, we’re very close to the famous San Pedro market where you find anything from fresh juices to alpaca sweaters.

7. We share our local knowledge
Latina is one of the few schools completely managed and run by Cusquenians. We are proud and happy to welcome you to our city, our language and our culture.

2. Learn Spanish with an interactive and practical approach
In our classes we don’t stick to the book, but we use several sources to make the classes more personalized. We practice what we’ve learned through fun games or activities outside of the classroom. From your first class, you’ll learn very useful phrases and already use it on the streets.

4. Not only language learning, but a cultural experience
Through our evening activities and during your classes you’ll learn about Peruvian traditions and customs in a fun way, while studying and using the Spanish language. We’ll visit ruins from the Incas, talk about habits and beliefs, learn how to cook typical dishes, learn how to dance salsa every Friday, and so much more.

6. We make a personalized package for you
In our first conversation we want to know what you’re looking for, how you want to plan your trip and what your expectations are from the classes and your time in Peru. Because the owner Libia and the teachers are all Peruvians, they have many contacts and great tips to personalize your experience in anything you like. Even if you’d like to continue your hobby in Cusco, we can help you!

8. Our students recommend us
We are only as good as our students say! Click here to read and watch student testimonials.

Read here what Libia has to say about her vision for Latina Spanish school.

Our Courses Start all year round

Star your classes with Latina Spanish School in Cusco any time of the year. Group classes start on Mondays. Private classes start whenever you like. Contact us to create your personalized package.