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Online classes

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Learn Spanish at home through our Skype classes, completely adapted to you.

You’re traveling to Cusco but want to improve your Spanish before starting your trip? You just got back from Cusco and want to continue learning? You need Spanish for your job? Or you’re just interested in learning another language? Whatever motivation you might have to start learning Spanish online, Skype classes are Latina’s way of making it easy for you!


The class materials are completely adapted to your wishes and needs. You can choose how many hours you take, how many times a week, and what you’d like to focus on. If you have any specific grammar issues or if you’d like to learn more specific vocabulary for your job or your travels, you can choose how your classes will go. The teacher will hear your strengths and weaknesses with the Spanish language and will make suggestions on topics you need to work on.


Before your first class you’ll have an orientation conversation and try-out through Skype of 20 minutes for free.


Price per hour = 10 USD
Package of 10 hours = 95 USD


Combine your Spanish classes with volunteering, tours, or your favorite hobby. Here are some suggestions of packages we created with a discounted price. If there’s anything else you’d like to combine your classes with, just let us know!


Spanish and Salsa
Learn Spanish in the mornings and dance it all out in the afternoons with private salsa classes, or the other way around! Depending on your preferences we can work out a schedule together.


Group class + 5 hours salsa
Join a group class every morning 4 hours a day and improve your salsa skills with private classes every afternoon for one hour.
Price: 170 USD


Private class + 5 hours salsa
Start your morning with some salsa moves with one hour of private classes every day and work on your Spanish every afternoon for 4 hours.
Price: 230 USD


Spanish and Martial arts
Want to get all that energy out after classes? Try boxing class, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai or functional training at the school of martial arts. Their equipment is of the best in Cusco and the owner is known in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You can also combine martial arts with yoga classes as it’s organized in the same school.


One week group class + 3 classes of martial arts: 140 USD
One week private class + 3 classes of martial arts: 200 USD


Spanish and yoga
Cusco is a city full of strong energies and it’s no surprise a lot of tourists come here to practice yoga and meditation. Relax your brain after learning Spanish with yoga class three times a week. You can also combine martial arts with yoga as it’s organized in the same school.


One week group class + 3 yoga sessions: 140 USD
One week private class + 3 yoga sessions: 200 USD


Spanish and volunteering
Give back to the community and do some volunteering after/before your classes. You can choose if you’d like to do this in the same time as your Spanish classes, or if you prefer taking classes the first few weeks and continuing with volunteering the weeks after your classes. There’s a fee of 30 USD for the coordination of your volunteer work, read more on the volunteering page.


We also have two programs for you to combine volunteering with Spanish classes, a stay with a local family, and the two must-sees in Cusco: Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain! Click here for more information.

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    Very nice classes with enthusiastic teachers that both had an own way of teaching. Good price-quality ratio, good lesson material in with you can study more at home.

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